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    1. You’re welcome, Steven!. This is a public project so please use it and share it with your students, friends, and colleagues. You can also follow the project’s new Twitter feed @milliondlrhoods

  1. Hi, will the Million Dollar Hoods map out Individuals with Disabilities within the jail system? If it does it now, how can I see that data? If it does not, will it ever have that type of information?

  2. Hi Kim – Thanks for reaching out and checking in. Unfortunately, the data we have does not enable us to map disability. Wish it did! KLH

  3. It would be very useful to map this data per capita crime–incarceration relative to population. It is hard to see the data’s meaning when it is only reporting gross numbers.

  4. I teach at Cal State Dominguez Hills, which services the area that includes many “million dollar hoods.” Has anyone looked into how the arrest rates and police violence in the area affect students ability to finish their college education?

    1. Thanks for bringing up this issue, Kara. Is anyone out there researching the impact of policing and incarceration at institutions of higher ed in California? If so, please let us know.

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