Patrol Jurisdictions

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are the two largest police forces in Los Angeles County. The LASD is responsible for patrolling 79% of Los Angeles County’s 4,000 square mile land base. This area, which includes contract cities and unincorporated communities as well as community colleges and the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s trains and buses, is home to about 3 million of L.A. County’s 10 million residents. The LAPD patrols just  467 square miles — amounting to less than 12% of L.A. County’s land base —  but its jurisdiction, the City of Los Angeles, is home to nearly four million people. Together, LASD deputies and LAPD officers patrol 91% of L.A.’s land base, which is home to nearly 70% of the total county population.

Forty-five municipal police forces patrol the remainder of L.A. County.  The Los Angeles Unified School District also maintains its own police force to patrol its K-12 school sites. Million Dollar Hoods does not map the cost of incarceration for arrests made by these police forces nor those made by any other government agency or private security force working in the L.A. area.

Million Dollar Hoods also does not map the cost of incarceration within the California State Prison System. If it did, the total cost of incarcerating L.A. residents would surge since Los Angeles County sends more people to state prison than any other county in the State and the annual per capita cost of incarceration within the State prison system is currently $64,000.  It costs billions to imprison the tens of thousands of L.A. residents who are incarcerated every year by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.